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We are a full-service small press that specializes in genre fiction for those looking for an enthralling tale, but don’t want to have to worry about graphic violence, obscene language, or pornographic content. That doesn’t mean our titles don’t have dark villains, irreverent humor, or thrilling romance. It just means that you can expect no more than light PG-13 content. Immortal Works publishes mainstream genre fiction in print, as eBooks, and every one of our titles are available on Audible!

Holli Anderson
Chief Editor
Jason King
Beth Buck
Acquisition Director
Talei Lawson
Marketing Manager
Staci Olsen
Production Manager &
Acquisitions Editor
Ashley Literski
Creative Manager
Scott Taylor
Acquisitions Editor
Lindsay Flanagan
Acquisitions Editor
Rachel Huffmire
Acquisitions Editor
Crystal Liechty
Acquisitions Editor
Zach Bjorge 
Voice Actor
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Janel Valentine
Voice Actor
David J West
Online Marketing Strategist
Megan Nerdin
Website Administrator